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Heavy Duty Tarps

Using Heavy Duty Tarps for Outdoor Applications

Heavy duty tarps are versatile tools that are ideal for use in a wide range of different practical applications apart from protecting equipment and securing truckloads and cargo. It is important, however, to know that not all truck tarps are the same. As a matter of fact, you will find a great range of tarp products on the market, ranging from mesh truck tarps to poly tarps, canvas tarps, vinyl tarps, and many other tarp configurations made out of all kinds of materials to help protect property, cargo, and other items that need to be shielded from the elements. The best thing about heavy duty tarps is that they are made out of high-grade materials that can withstand almost any kind of conditions. This is also why they are suitable for use in all kinds of applications and environments:

  1. Heavy duty tarps are great for protecting roofs from minor leaks and for creating temporary coverage after major storm damage. Lightweight tarps may not offer as much protection when dealing with roof damage. Use a heavier weight tarp to cover damaged roofing so that your property will be protected in case wind and rain pick up again.
  2. Builders and contractors also make use of heavy weight tarps to protect building sites from the elements. Some practical uses for heavy weight tarps in construction sites include covering ground holes where foundation is being dug or laid, covering and protecting unfinished framing from the elements, protecting stacks of graders and other building materials on site, and covering heavy equipment.
  3. Heavy duty truck tarps are not only useful for covering truck beds. They are also great for protecting other vehicles like boats, motorcycles, RVs, and even heavy outdoor equipment, when not in use or during transport. These tools are useful in weatherproofing your vehicle and other investments and averting damage due to exposure to the outdoors.
  4. When transporting any type of valuable cargo, having a heavy-duty tarp readily available is ideal so you can easily keep truckloads dry and protected for the haul.  

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