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Tips to Know Before You Buy Truck Tarps

Finding the right tarps for trucks for the job at hand is crucial if you want to make sure that your cargo is protected from the elements as you transport them from one point to another. Tarps are incredibly versatile products. Not only are they useful for tying down truckloads and protecting cargo from the elements—they are also useful for keeping other things safe from damage in storage, while painting, or during a move. Custom truck tarps can likewise be useful in winter and for weatherproofing items. There are however, certain things that you should know about tarps and tarping implements so you can make better purchase decisions when shopping for tarps for trucks. Here are some tips to consider when looking to buy truck tarps online:

  • Many truck tarps are made out of polyethylene. Also called poly tarps, polyethylene tarps are your standard everyday-use tarp made out of a strong, woven mesh fabric laid and sandwiched in between several polyethylene sheets—the number of which depends on the strength and weight that your application requires. Poly tarps come in a range of sizes, colors, and strengths. Some also offer special features like UV protection, fire resistance, and water resistance. Knowing what kind of protection your cargo needs is important so you’ll know the right type of truck tarp to buy for your application.
  • Most tarps for trucks are categorized into three different strength levels, namely, standard duty, medium duty, and heavy duty tarps. Standard tarps are great for protection over items that require only lightweight covering and for applications where tarp strength isn’t as important. Medium duty tarps, on the other hand, are designed for more demanding tarping tasks such as securing cargos for hauling. Heavy duty tie down tasks, on the other hand, require heavy duty tarps, especially when loads require fool-proof protection against the elements and the rigors of long-haul transport.
  • There are many other different types of tarps available on the market. When shopping for custom truck tarps, you typically have a choice between different materials like canvas tarps, mesh tarps, poly tarps, and PVC or vinyl tarps, all of which offer advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of load you want to secure.  

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