Lumber Tarps (8′ Drops)

Lumber loads are carried on drop-deck trailers and come in over-sized, odd-shaped sizes. These extra big Lumber Tarps are great for specialized lumber hauling. 2 or 3 Rows of D rings on each side and tail flap, and one row across the end. The first row is placed 24″ above the grommet hem and each additional row is 24″ above the previous.

Need a custom tarp? No problem, TarpMan can build it! Give us a call (800) 532-8277. Lead-time varies based on the material, color and availability.

As with all loads, and especially lumber; You will save a lot of time by taking a few minutes finding and covering sharp corners and edges in front of you. Carpet retailers also have discarded parts available for sale, so you can repair a mess with a sheet of duct tape before it occurs. Alternatively, click on our freight protection section and browse through a range of corner protectors at competitive rates.

We also offer Machinery Tarps which are best for covering large irregular-sized loads such as manufacturing equipment.

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