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10% Off Lumber Tarps

What sets our Lumber Tarps apart?

The Price: We have the most competitive prices around!
The Customization: FREE Stenciling, Brand your tarps!
The Quality: Handmade right here in our facility for Superior Quality!
The Design: Our tarp engineers have designed these tarps, with hauling experts like you in mind. We give you the longest lasting and easiest to use tarp possible!
The Guarantee: Your satisfaction on our 24′ X 26′ Lumber Tarp – 3 rows (18 oz.) is guaranteed!
The Warranty: We will “Repair the Tear” for free no matter how it happened.

We are the Original Online Truck Tarp Company. We Have been around long enough to know you need the best at the best price! We love giving you discounts that can’t be beaten! Thank you, to all the Truckers that keep us on the road!